Radio and TV Ads

About these tools

Public service announcements, or PSAs, are short messages scripted or produced and given to radio and television stations. At the station’s discretion, they can choose to broadcast your message at no charge to you. While stations are not required to donate a fixed percentage of air time per day, it is one way they meet their requirement by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to serve in the public interest.
PSAs are most effective when the message is easy to understand, when it appeals to people in the listening/viewing audience, and when it asks for a very specific action (such as calling a phone number or visiting a website).

Most stations prefer 30-second spots (messages that can be read out loud clearly in fewer than 30 seconds). A 30-second PSA has no more than 80 words. Local access TV channels frequently air PSAs on their scrolling community bulletin or community calendar.

How to use the PSAs
1.    Select “PSA_30.doc” or “Bulletin.doc” and copy the document to your hard drive.
2.    In the document on your hard drive, replace the highlighted text with your own contact information.
3.    Save the new document (it’s a good idea to Save As with a new file name).
4.    Submit the document to your local station per their guidelines. Most stations prefer to receive PSAs by email. If you choose to mail or deliver a hard copy, it’s a good idea to print the PSA on your letterhead.
5.    Follow up with the station to be sure they received it.

You’ll notice the body of the PSA is typed in all-caps, double-spaced. This is the format most stations prefer.

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