Team for Infants Endangered by Substance Abuse

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Team for Infants Endangered by Substance Abuse

The Team for Infants Endangered by Substance Abuse (TIES) Program serves as a promising approach of the Kansas MIECHV Program. TIES provides intensive, comprehensive home-based services to pregnant and postpartum women, 18 years of age and older, and their families affected by alcohol or other drugs. TIES provides voluntary, individualized, culturally appropriate services including crisis intervention, support for substance abuse treatment, supportive counseling, child health and development, parenting education, and connection to other community services. Referrals are accepted up to six months postpartum, and families are served until the identified child is two years old. TIES goals are substance use reduction; improved parenting; appropriate health and mental health needs for the family and child; gaining economic stability; and maintaining adequate housing.

Children’s Mercy Hospital
Service area: Wyandotte County
Contact: Oneta Templeton
(816) 234-3670