The Somali

Introduction to Burmese Culture(s)

In Kansas, at the end of 2014, Somalis constitued 1.4% of the overall refugee settlement population (Catholic Charities of Northest Kansas, 2015).


This 40-page PDF booklet describes Somali culture and history. It provides information on family structure, language, education, fine arts, and a glossary of some Somali terms.

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This 10-minute YouTube video, Educating Somali Students in Kansas, gives an overview of Somali culture. The video description reads: “Mohamed Abdurahman is the Kansas Regional Refugee Coordinator for Social Rehabilitation Services. He came from Somalia many years ago to work with refugee populations in the United States. In this video, Mohamed talks briefly about Somali history and current events, and he speaks extensively about cultural aspects that all educators working with Somali students would benefit by knowing. The Somali population is steadily growing in Kansas.”

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This web page provides information about Somali history and culture, family structure, greetings and etiquette, reproductive and traditional medical practices (like female circumcision), acculturation issues, and more.

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The Next Door Neighbors series provides profiles of new refugees in the U.S. It includes information on Somalis as well as Somali Bantus. The 30-minute video description reads: “The second in Nashville Public Television’s Next Door Neighbors documentary series, focusing on Nashville’s growing Somali community. Over 5,000 Somali refugees now call Nashville their home. They left a war-torn country and many still have family trying to survive in Somalia and in refugee camps across Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Yemen, and other countries. While many Somalis were resettled directly to Nashville, others migrated here from cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, San Diego and Columbus Ohio. For most, life in Nashville is about work, sending money back home and trying to balance Somali traditions and cultures while adjusting to life in the US.”

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