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Hispanic and Latinx


Hispanics/Latinx are the fastest growing minority group in Kansas. Since the 2000 Census, the percentage of Kansas who are Hispanic/Latino has nearly doubled. Of this group, 1/3 were born abroad and 2/3 are U.S. citizens. 84% of Kansas Latinos are of Mexican origin. Recently however, more immigrants from Central American countries like Guatemala and El Salvador are making homes in Kansas. Very few Hispanics/Latinos are refugees currently. For those that fit criteria, less than 1% of the total population of refugees in Kansas are from Cuba and Guatemala. (Catholic Charities of NE Kansas, 2015; Pew Research Center, 2011)

In Kansas, as recently as 2011, Hispanic/Latino persons represent 11% of the state population.


This webpage gives a thorough yet easy-to-read profile of the Mexican people. History, beliefs, medical considerations, and more information can be found here.

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This 17-page PDF document offers lists of cultural insights that will inform practice with Latinx families. 

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