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Parenting Support Programs and Resources Matter

Healthy Moms

Pregnancy is a lot to manage, and can lead to increased stress levels and health complications. The programs and resources on our website can ensure your pregnancy is met with the support needed to ensure a healthy mom and baby.

Healthy babies

Home visiting and other parenting support programs are proven to reduce risk factors during labor and following childbirth, such as reducing the risk of low-birthweight and other developmental complications.

Healthy Families

Parenting support programs are proven to also build a more self-sufficient family, creating a more stimulating environment for children. There are resources available for every type and size of family.

Child Development

You will have parenting related questions and needs well beyond your child's first year. This is why Kansas Home Visiting connects you to programs and resources up until the age of 5.

School Readiness

Promoting positive parenting practices also better prepare children and families for school. Parents in home visiting programs are more likely to have an environment that encourages positive child development, up until their first day of kindergarten.

Cost Effective

All of the programs and resources on the Kansas Home Visiting website are at no-cost to families, which can help reduce the financial burden brought on by the many other child-care related expenses you may encounter.

Information from 2020

Thank You Home Visitors

Home visitors did not let a pandemic interfere with their work! While home visitors were able to perform over 10,000 visitations in 2020, there are still 173,000 potential families that could benefit from a home visitor.

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