Frequency and Duration

The Home Visitor, Supervisor, and family will work together to determine the appropriate number of visits, schedule, timing, and termination or transition from the program. General guidelines exist, but there is flexibility based on identified family needs.


MCH Home Visiting services usually include a minimum of one (1) visit and may be as many as four (4) visits during the prenatal postnatal periods.

Regularly scheduled visits are typically conducted monthly in accordance with standard protocol. This does not prevent an additional visit as necessary to respond to an urgent need related to safety or basic needs, (e.g. food, shelter, utilities), or a crisis situation (e.g., domestic violence, depression, substance use). 

Number of follow-up visits scheduled will depend on level of risk/need, and other community services to which the mother/family is or is not referred and linked.


Typical home visits should last approximately one (1) hour, and Home Visitors should plan to provide a manageable amount of information for that time frame. Occasionally, a visit may need more or less time, considering the circumstances or family situation. The focus of the family might be on other priorities or urgent matters that must be addressed with care. If it is not a situation in which the home visitor can assist at that time, it is okay to end the visit and reschedule to compile appropriate resources or make referrals. 
Services should continue as long as deemed appropriate through ongoing assessment of the family up until the infant’s first birthday (12 months), at which time visits should terminate. Families continuing to need/benefit from home visiting should be transitioned into a longer term, more intensive program where available. If there is no other program to refer within the community, contact the KDHE MCH program consultant for guidance.