Home Visitors will often consult with their Supervisor to initiate a referral if one of the following is needed:

  • More intensive form of home visiting
  • Assessment by a nurse, doctor, mental health clinician, and/or licensed addictions counselor
  • Home visits beyond the infant’s first birthday

Considerations when Referring

Home Visitors should:

  • Understand their role within the larger community’s continuum of care
  • Focus on warm handoffs whenever possible (meeting with the family and the referring organization to support acceptance of the service and engagement)
  • Follow-up with the family and/or service provider after a referral has been made
  • Take advantage of electronic systems whenever possible to minimize effort and increase coordination
  • Use signed consents to share specific information about the family with other providers as appropriate. (Consents must be documented and maintained in the client file, and will be reviewed during monitoring visits.)
  • Communicate with other home visiting providers to coordinate services and avoid duplication of services
  • Utilize 1-800-CHILDREN by phone or free mobile app for free 24/7 statewide referral to services. Hotline assistance is available in either English or Spanish (

Long-Term Program Referral

Every effort should be made to refer and transition enrolled families to long-term home visiting programs as needed (Healthy Families America, Parents as Teachers, Early Head Start, and Infant Toddler Services – tiny-k).