Although a majority of visits will occur in the mother’s home, Home Visitors will want to be sure to consider convenience, safety, and maximum impact when determining the best setting.

Comfort for Family

It is important to meet the woman/mother when and where it’s most convenient for her and her support person, whenever possible. A family may not be comfortable meeting in the home or it may not as convenient as other locations they may already be visiting.

Possible alternate locations include:

  • Clinic (MCH, WIC, Primary Care)
  • Hospital or Women’s Center
  • Community Setting

Telephone Calls

It is expected that there will be follow up conversations between the home visitor and family that will take place by telephone, but official “visits” should never take place by phone. Further, phone discussions do not count as “visits” for the purposes of recording/reporting service numbers.


Every grantee agency providing home visiting services should have a well-understood and practiced safety policy. Valuable and effective visits require careful and systematic planning, and local programs should take appropriate precautions to assure the health and safety of both the families served and the MCH workforce. Prior to making home visits, home visitors and staff should make sure they are following the prevention basics provided in the COVID-19 resource, Guidance for Workers Who Visit Homes. Virtual home visits are allowed for health and safety, but should be utilized only upon request of the family. It is preferred to conduct home visits in a face-to-face environment, and the allowance of virtual options is temporary in response to the COVID-19 public health pandemic.